We at Sketch Project studios are a small group of people dedicated to designing, developing and distributing fun games.


Ultimately, we seek to make games that are cool and fun. We started Sketch Project as a way for us to express ourselves creatively in a category that we enjoy: video games. As a small team, working in our spare time, we are currently keeping our games and ideas small, targeting platforms that are more forgiving to less realistic and advanced graphics, namely: mobile gaming. We design our games to offset our lack of graphical prowess with interesting stories or fun and engaging gameplay. As time goes on, we intend to improve the visual quality of our games and expand to more platforms.


Scott Crapo: Creative direction, Music
Spencer Crapo: Programming, Character modeling
Chris Crapo: Project Management
Shanda Christiansen: Scene design
Naomi Speth: Concept and Character design


Q: Why are your games only on Android? Why not support IOS as well?
A: Apple is particularly picky about their development environments. In order to produce apps for the apple platform, our developers would need access to Mac computers and Apple phones, both of which we don't currently possess, nor do we have the funding to purchase. Additionally, the Apple store is much more expensive to host packages on than the google play store, making it less than ideal with our current budget. This may change in the future as we begin to receive revenue. If you would like to donate so that we can expand our resources, please contact us.

Q: What's up with your logo? What do the upside down A and backwards E mean?
A: The upside down A and backwards E are predicate logic symbols (see predicate logic) that mean "For All" and "There Exists", respectively. When joined with our name "Sketch Project" The logo forms our catchphrase "For every Sketch, There exists a Project". We felt this expresses our belief that even the smallest of sketches (or expressed ideas) can be the inspiration for great works, and that behind every doodle is a potential creation.

Privacy Policy

Any information gathered by our products will only be sent to google for their google play services. We will not use your information for any other purpose. Google's policy can be found at https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/.